Share Kredit Digi  Prepaid Credit To A Digi Prepaid User Assalamualaikum Cucu-CuCu sekaLian ALam,

Today I would like to give all cucu-cucu sekaLian Alam tutorial on how to share DiGi credit 

1. Step for:Prepaid credit to a DiGi Prepaid User                        1: Tekan *128#, then tekan Call.
            2: Then, select My Account 
            3: Daripada Menu tu, select Talktime Service
            4: Pilih 1 untuk Talktime Transfer,
            5: Then, pilih Transfer option 
            6: masukan Nombor Telefon Digi, that you wish to send Prepaid credit
            7: Lastly select CALL/SEND
yeay DONE till you received a confirmation text message upon successful transaction
hah senang kan cucu2? hehe bwah ni nenek sertakan jadual validity dia.kira ni hadiah extra info la kat cucu2 semua hehe

Extra Info: 1. Setiap kali buat transaction akan dikenakan charge. If cucu adalah transferor
                            (org yg bg kredit) cucu akan dikenakan charge sbyak RM0.50 

                         2. Tetapi if cucu adalah transferee (penerima kredit),cucu akan dikenakan 
                              charge sbyk RM0.25. So dlam kes ni dua2 kena charge hehe (^_^)
                        3. Talktime Transfer™, Talktime Request and Talktime Transfer™                                    International are currently unavailable to Digi Easy Prepaid and Digi Smart                              Prepaid subscribers.
                          4. Talktime request FREE tetapi bila dah accepted tu yang kena charged tu 
                               RM0.50 utk tranferor and RM0.25 utk transferee      
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