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Array The Persona Princess Miriam Of Johore-The Persona Princess Miriam Of Johore


26 Syawal, 1438 Hijrah

The Persona  Princess Miriam Of Johore

The Persona Princess Miriam Of Johore

It's has been a long time since the last time I post an article covers the biography of Malay Royalties. For quit some times, I received numbers of email asking me the whereabouts one of the member of Johorean Royalty, widely known as Her Highness the Princess Miriam of Johore.

Her Highness is the youngest daughter of Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim al-Masyhur by his sixth wife, Sultanah Marcella (or Lady Marcella Ibrahim before she was crowned Sultanah). Well, the only answer I can give is, I do not know about her whereabouts.

Her Highness Princess Miriam was born in London on 18th September 1950. In 1955, she attended the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Sultan Ibrahim reign. Even though the Sultan Ibrahim's spent most of his reign's years outside of Johore and his eldest surviving son, Crown Prince Ismail is the Johorean de facto ruler.

Another factor contribute to her popularity is when she is married to English musician, Barry Sapherson in 1978. The married ended up in divorced in 1980. Even though her where about and location are mostly unknown, Princess Miriam and her mother has attended several Johorean official functions.

It is included during the funeral of Sultan Ismail Al-Khalidi. The right-most is Her Highness Sultanah Lady Marcella and at her back is Princess Miriam.

Here is also among the picture of Princess Miriam with the current ruling Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim (Tunku Ibrahim Ismail at that time) in 1981.

All of her pictures can be seen in ...
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