Advantages & Disadvantages of Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo, video sharing application.It is the first photos sharing app on iphone. Many got attracted and Millions of users got registered because its very simple to use and most important thing is, it added value to photographers, and all photo lovers. The features that were built are very useful and simple. Without your permission, it does not spam your Facebook /twitter Feeds.

An email accountAn Instagram Account / loginThe Instagram appAn iphone, Ipod touch, I pad running iOS 3.1.2 later or an Android phone.The social strategy of Instagram was not just limited to existing social networks for sharing but also to build its own Network. Therefore one can Website to buy instagram followers. There are few advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Instagram:

It increases the artistic ability by taking pictures at different scenerios.Communication will be improved.Friend lists get increased. Professional network also increases which is quiet helpfull.Can share information with friends/family in original way.


Using incorrectly would leave bad impact on this feature.Sharing private information which should not be done on internet.Spending lot of time on it.Some use to spy on others even if they do not know them.
Protect yourself

The privacy terms allow to protect your photos from the unknown people. Rules keep changing so, one should always look at Privacy terms before signing to Instagram. You could also buy real Instagram followers.

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