[Tun Dr Mahathir on...] ... SACKING AND POPULARITY  1. I have been sacked from Petronas. The decision was made by the Cabinet. It must be very important to the Government.
2. Actually I had resigned from Petronas quite some time ago. But Petronas refused to accept my resignation or the allowance which I sent back. They insisted on putting into my account my monthly allowance. I resigned then because I did not think I should be a non-advising adviser and being paid for doing nothing.
3. Now Najib’s supporters want to have me sacked from Proton and the Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF). These two do not belong to the Government. But of course that is a minor obstacle for a Government which can charge anyone under a law to curb terrorism. Nasty things can be done, like threatening to bankrupt Proton or harassing the people who set up PLF so that I would be thrown out. This is of course entirely democratic.
4. The free press in Malaysia says Najib is getting stronger and more people are supporting him. Just look at the pictures of the people supporting him. They all wear red shirts and some UMNO leaders show placards with ”Solidariti bersama Najib”.
5. Obviously their show of support is spontaneous, so spontaneous that they immediately bought the red shirts and printed the “Solidarity with Najib” cards in time for the photographers.
6. Really Najib is very popular. But some recalcitrant may not think so. Even a red-shirted demonstration organised by Jamal Yunos, participated in by Felda people brought by bus and given free meals to counter the Bersih demo which according to Najib’s supporters was organised by the Chinese to overthrow a Malay Government, has not convinced people about Najib’s popularity.
9. What really would convince people would be a national referendum or poll in which every voter in the country can express his support of Najib. Perhaps it would also be useful to show how Dr Mahathir (that’s me) is wrong in exposing his financial scandals.
8. Just a simple question would suffice: Najib-tick, Mahathir-cross or the other way depending on who you support. Malaysians are familiar with voting.
9. The referendum should be conducted by a reliable foreign public opinion company, overseen by representatives of the two people concerned.
10. I give an undertaking that if Najib wins in the national referendum, I will stop asking him to resign. I will not say anything more about 1MDB, the 2.6 billion Ringgit and the mansions in UK, US and Hollywood or the “Wolf of Wall Street” pornographic film. Najib can continue to be the Malaysian PM for life.
11. But if I get more votes, it means the rakyat accepts what I have highlighted about Najib’s financial wrongdoings as true, then he should resign.
12. This way we can settle the question of Najib’s popularity and what the rakyat thinks of his financial scandals once and for all.
13. The alternative is to wait for the National Security Council Act to be signed by the Agong or to wait for one month if he doesn’t, when the Act would be enforceable. Then Najib can arrest and detain without trial this pesky ex-PM. I am getting messages that this is what awaits me if I don’t cease and desist, I don’t tone down.
source : chedet
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