Peoples That I Love~~ First skali of crse la myFamily~~
(Aidilfitri 2011) MyMum,MyBrother n MySister.. hehehe

Second diikuti plk MyBestie Friends~~

Nurul Norhainum~~mesra dgn pngglan NumNum...hehe
Leyla Laila ~~ pggl i LaLa je k~ heheheTANPA korg spa la sye~ n TANPA sye jgak,, spa le korg~~ hahaha...
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When I am dead
by Christina Rossetti When I am dead, my dearest, Sing no sad songs for me: Plant thou no roses at my head, Nor shady cypress tree: Be the green grass above .. ..
Why Do I Feel So Sad? By Alicia Keys
Friends we've been for so longNow true colors are showingMakes me wanna cry oh yes it doesCuz I had to say goodbyeBy now I should knowThat in time .. ..
5 Incredible Miniature Engines That Actually Work
SeLaqMaT SEjAhTeRA, Hopefully my country have one like this... Welcome to a place that used to be a secret base for submarine repairing once and is a museum now .. ..
Mh370 I Saw It In The Water
A woman saw what she thinks looks like a wreckage of a plane over Indian Ocean while on her way back from Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur. She said she had taken flight SV2058 that left Jeddah .. ..
Benefits That Comes From Noni
Benefits That Comes From Noni .. ..