I have no comment about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

30 06 2008

On second thought, I actually do have some.

After reading much news for the past 2 days, I sense there is something wrong somewhere.

There is this niggling thought at the back of my mind which I cannot place it.

Is it doubt? Is it some kind of fear of the unknown? Is it anger? It might be confusion. Yes, mostly confusion.

But whatever it is, I just want to comment on a few things that troubles me. But I do understand that some of my concerns here will be answered or even be found unjustified with the latest barrage of news in the media pouring in as we speak (or read).

Nevertheless, here they are;

1] As I see it, Anwar would have easily told everyone immediately after the police report was made that he did not do it. As proof, he should just gave an alibi that he was not there as alleged by Saiful Bukhary in the police report. I’m sure if he did not do it, he could have easily produced a damn good alibi and witnesses about his whereabouts to counter the allegations within that report. Bloody easy. No need to create unnecessary fuss by hiding like an escaped convict in a Turkish embassy and let the Turkey Government along with the country’s name to be dragged in the mud. Naturally, Anwar being the ‘Darling of the Western Media’, is due to get enough publicity and adulation which can even rival George W. Bush and Barack Obama;

2] Datin Seri Wan Azizah told the press that the sodomy accuser, Saiful Bukhary was a volunteer who eventually became a special assistant to Anwar. His background was not checked upon joining as a PKR staff. Why is that so? How could he be easily appointed to a position which many would kill for? (LETTER FROM SAIFUL’S UNCLE IS IN THE COMMENT SECTION - time: 16:00);

3] For a person who allegedly told the whole freaking world that he had received death threats as far back since March 2008, he doesn’t seem to be behaving like his life was in danger. In fact, Anwar moved around the country, busy campaigning and meeting the rakyat openly. Even on 14th April, the so called anniversary of ‘Black 14′, he seemed not afraid of any assassination plot. When police wanted to stop his speech midway, he was adamant to carry on. No police reports were made regarding any death threats. Suddenly, as soon as a police report was made against him on Saturday for an alleged sodomy incident, he told everyone that there is a plot to kill him and he fears for his life. To me, this is just a case of diverting attention. But then again, Anwar was really good in tarnishing the country’s image since 1998;

4] Why would Najib (as insinuated by PKR to be the culprit of this incident) would want to produce another report of sodomy on Anwar when only half of the nation would believed it? It’s counter productive and stupid. Using the same old script? Even Najib would know not to do that. And Anwar wasn’t even strong enough to topple the weakened BN government. All signs that there will be defections from the BN reps fizzled out in disappointment. In early April, Raja Petra predicted that on April 18th, something big will going to happen, insinuating a mass defection. But that did not happen. Even the vote of no confidence mooted by SAPP was not taken up by the lethargic Opposition. Even the crossover date of September 16th was highly debatable;

5] Why would Wan Azizah produced old pictures of the accuser with various ministers to the press? What was her motive other than to give hints that the accuser was a mole in PKR and a stooge of BN. Then again, how could PKR be so stupid to let a mole to pass through their ranks and be so close to Anwar in the first place? And, what if somebody showed the press of Saiful Bukhary pictures with Anwar? Wouldn’t that give hints that Saiful was indeed quite close to Anwar? I do not believe there are no pictures taken of Saiful and Anwar during the campaigning period or even after the election. And, importantly, is showing Saiful in a picture with Mustapa Mohamad, Azalina Othman and Shahrir Samad is proof enough that Anwar did not sodomise the boy? Is that all Wan Azizah can muster in his defense?;

6] Another thing that really confused me was Anwar’s statement in Utusan Malaysia and Bernama:
“…bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu mendakwa wujud konspirasi pihak tertentu disebabkan niatnya untuk bertanding pilihan raya kecil yang akan diumumkan dalam minggu ini.”
Why would he want to contest in a state seat by-election? And in Sanglang, Perlis? He wants to be the opposition leader of Perlis State Assembly? Is that his ambition now? This doesn’t make any sense! Why would the conspirators conspire to make this police report or even assassinate him just to prevent him to contest in Perlis? They can just let him rot in the state assembly and everyone will be happy;

7] I really do not understand why Anwar Ibrahim, upon leaving the Turkish embassy, made self defeating statements such as this (as reported in Bernama);
When asked whether he will cooperate in the police investigation into his aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s allegations against him, Anwar’s retort was, “What investigations?”.“I will assist in any inquiries but investigations which are bad in nature like in the past, where there were bad judges, prosecutors, police and witnesses…”
Why did he think so far ahead? It was merely a police report. It’s not even a court case yet. He purposely made himself sounds guilty. But there is a twist; according to him and his supporters, it was a trumped up charge. To me, if you know what you are doing, and you are the one whose telling the truth, you should not be afraid of anything. You should not even be hiding or crying for amnesty from a foreign embassy. Plus, the judiciary now is in good shape these days. You can always count on Zaid Ibrahim to be on your side. And you can get the judges who released you in 2004 to preside over your case. IF there is going to be any case. Why give statements as if you think you are going to be charged at all? You have not been proven guilty yet. Be cool.

8] Days after Pak Lah announced the reforms in the judiciary in April, Wan Azizah was among the first person to say that the judiciary and its independence has been restored. But in her press conference yesterday, she riled and complained that she does not believe the police nor the judiciary and lambasted the government; and

9] Is there now a vacancy in the post of special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim and if yes, can I apply? Do I still be subjected to a background check? How much is the remuneration package and what are the benefits? Is condo Desa Damansara part of the perks?

kzso - for someone who says that he has no comments on anwar...he seems to have many!
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