Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
Boleh tahan lama gak aku x post something kat blog ni.. hari tu ada post pasal smartphone, so this is the next review on it la.. In my previous post, we had been comparing two smartphone from Samsung which were Samsung Galaxy S4 (GS4) and Samsung Galaxy Note II (GN2).. To sum up the differences, I should say both have very creative and fascinating features that make them fabulous and also can bring a big disastrous challenge to Apple brand with their product, iPhone 5 and others. Also trending for now is HTC One which popular with it best Full HD 1080p screen.. well still GS4 has that.. Now my part, I got one too from Samsung. It’s actually two. LOL Samsung Galaxy Note 2 + Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3G&Wifi) Thanks a lot to my family especially my parents who gave me all these stuff as reward for getting straight A’s in SPM 2012.. Congratulation to myself.. Owh, also came along with a new Asus X45U.. So far, these trio gadgets give me a non-stop exploration to these new stuffs..  So awesome. Damn awesome. My friend asked me why I don’t take GS4 instead of taking GN2  +  GT2?? My answer is, because GS4 cannot replace GN2, also cannot replace GT2. So, I should say, GS4 isn’t way too good.. IMHO… Here it is..

so these are my new gadgets. Well still have to learn a lot to be a pro with these new friends..
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