31 JULAI (SELASA)-Sejak awal pagi tadi blog Sk. Sibugal Besar menghadapi masalah kerana akaun google yang mengandungi blog ini telah digantung oleh pihak google. Penggantungan tersebut adalah berikutan kesalahan admin memasukkan data umur yang diminta. Menjadi dasar google, seseorang yang mahu membuka akaun di google hendaklah berusia 18 tahun ke atas. Walau bagaimanapun, menjelang sekitar jam 7.30 malam hari ini, akaun google Sk. Sibugal Besar telah dibuka semula.
Ia menjadi iktibar untuk lebih berhati-hati semaa memasukkan maklumat yang diminta berhubung akaun google.
Berikut adalah arahan yang telah dibuat admin untuk menjadikan akaun google Sk.Sibugal Besar dibuka semula.
Frequently Asked Questions about Google Account and Age Requirements
Why was my account disabled? You have entered a birthday indicating you are not old enough to have a Google Account.
Why do you have to delete my account after 30 days? You have entered a birthday indicating you are not old enough to have a Google Account. In case you incorrectly entered your date of birth, we have a grace period during which you may use one of the methods described below to confirm your correct birthday before the account is deleted. Accounts are inaccessible during the grace period. This is necessary to enforce our policies.
What can I do to re-enable my Google Account? You can re-enable your account by following our instructions to confirm that you are old enough to have a Google Account. You will see these instructions when you attempt to sign back in to your account through any Google sign-in page. If you are a Google Apps user, you should go to accounts.google.com in order to re-enable your account. We currently offer three ways to confirm your age: Sending in a signed form via mail or fax with a copy of your current, government-issued ID showing your date of birth, or Uploading an electronic copy of your current, government-issued ID showing your date of birth, or Performing a small transaction ($0.30 USD) on a valid credit card. Note: You may be charged an additional $1.00 USD for your transaction of $0.30 USD. This is simply a pre-authorization charge that will be erased from your account in a few days. If your transaction does not go through, check to see if you are using an invalid card or have provided incorrect information. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will have to supply the confirmation on your behalf.
Why is Google asking me for a credit card or a copy of my government issued ID? How will this information be used? We ask to run a small transaction on a valid credit card or for a copy of a government issued ID in order to validate your date of birth. We only use this information to confirm your date of birth and to restore your account. If you choose one of the options to provide a copy of your government ID, we will destroy the copy of your government ID after we validate your date of birth. If you choose the option of a credit card transaction, we make a small charge ($0.30 USD) to confirm that the credit card is active and able to accept a charge. We will retain this data as necessary to meet regulatory requirements for a credit card transaction, after which it will be deleted.
How do I check on the status of my request? You can go to www.google.com/accounts and attempt to sign in to your account. If your account hasn’t been unlocked, you’ll be brought back to the date of birth correction process page, which will also give you the current status of previous requests, if available. Note: If you choose to confirm your age via credit card, you can go to www.google.com/accounts as soon as 15 minutes after you make a correction attempt to see if your submission has been processed.
How long will it take for Google to re-enable my account? If you use a credit card to correct your date of birth, your account may be unlocked within minutes. Using the mail or fax option can take days or a couple of weeks, depending on your location and the amount of time it takes for your request to be delivered to us. Uploading an electronic copy of your ID is instant, but processing time is the same as a mailed or faxed copy of your ID.
Alhamdulillah, kini semuanya kembali seperti sediakala.
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