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Here i want to share with you, the summary from what i had learn i computer class..

Summary for Introduction:
ACD/ChemSketch is the powerful all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics package
to help chemists quickly and easily draw molecular structures, reactions,
and schematic diagrams, calculate chemical properties, and design professional reports and presentations.

ACD/ChemSketch includes:
• Structure mode for drawing chemical structures and calculating their properties
• Draw mode or text and graphics processing
• Additional modules that extend the ChemSketch possibilities

Additional Modules:
• ACD/ChemBasic—the special programming language that enables you to customize
ACD/Labs software.
• ACD/I-Lab—the Internet-based service that allows you to get instant access to
chemical databases and property predictions programs.
• ACD/Tautomers—checks and generates the most reasonable tautomeric forms of
organic structures.
• ACD/Dictionary—looks up the molecular structure for common drug names.
• ACD/Name Freeware—generates a name for structure according to IUPAC
Recommendations on Organic, Biochemical, and Inorganic Nomenclature.

The following applications can be purchased in addition to ACD/ChemSketch:

• ACD/Boiling Point and Vaporization
• ACD/Sigma
• ACD/Name to Structure

ACD/ChemSketch includes some new enhanced features and options as compared to the
previous version.

Structure Mode

• ACD/Labs now supports a usage of special coordination bonds that represent a
specific bonding between a ligand and metal center in coordination structures.
Such bonds indicate a connection but do not affect the valence of the corresponding
• Simplified usage of structure drawing styles.
• Possibility to use both superscript and subscript characters in the same label.
Draw Mode

• Ability to insert and export images with .PNG extension.
• Editing of the previously inserted text using the same tool.

There are some pictures i want to share with you...These pictures i did by myself...
simple structure

Complex Structure




The Energy Of Reaction Diagram

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

DNA Strand

Lipid and Micelles
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