"Reflections Of A Man"

You gave him everything you had: your time, your love, your everything. In return, he played the role of a good man until his price went up and he wanted more from you. So, you gave him more. But that still wasn’t enough, was it? Because when it’s the wrong man, nothing you do will ever be enough. He’s a parasite. He will continue to suck the life out of you until you are completely drained of all your money, all your confidence, all your self-esteem, and then he’ll leave you. You have the power to stop him. It’s often a hard decision to leave a man you think you love, but in the end, it may not be that you actually love him. It may be that you love the man he “used to be” or the idea of the man he “could be.” Either way, that’s not the man he is."

 -Mr. Amari
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