a. Visa Application

1. Upon confirmation of application, students are reminded to confirm whether they need a visa or not prior to entrance into Malaysia at any of the following places:

i. Malaysian Embassy in the respective/nearby countries or
ii. Malaysian Consulate in the respective/nearby countries
iii. Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Immigration in the respective countries.

2. Applicants from countries who need visa to enter Malaysia:
i. Non-Commonwealth countries (countries never colonized by the British such as Thailand and Indonesia).
ii. Commonwealth countries are the following
• India
• Pakistan
• Bangladesh
• Sri Lanka
• Nigeria
iii. Countries with no agreement on visa with Malaysia.

3. If visa is needed, please bring your passport along with student pass approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department (the student pass approval letter will be posted to you) or offer letter from KUIS for those who apply single entry visa at the Embassy or Malaysian Consulate in your country. Student are required to contact the International Relations Unit in KUIS via telephone, fax, letter or e-mail for any enquires.

b. Student Pass Application (New Student)

1. All international students must hold a Student Pass during their study in KUIS. They are also required to submit the international passport with these documents to the officer in charge at the International Relations Unit during registration:

i. 3 copies of photographs
ii. 2 copies of international passports (please Photostat all pages in A4 Size).
iii. 2 Photostat copy of offer letter.
iv. Latest Academic Transcript / Bachelor Degree / Diploma / Certificate / Senior School / O Level /A Level.
v. A copy of leave letter & final examination result (if the student has studied in any public or private institutions of higher learning or schools in Malaysia).

2. Students are given until 1 week upon registration to complete the relevant documents. Students who fail to submit all completed documents after 1 week of registration will be given a warning or be terminated of studies.

3. All new students pass application will be forwarded to the Malaysian Immigration Department Headquarters in Putrajaya. It will take at least 30 days for the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue the Approval Letters. Therefore the student should begin the application process at least a month before registration date.

4. Student Pas sticker will be issued within 2 to 3 week by Selangor Immigration Department in Shah Alam and student are required to surrender the passport to International Relations Unit when passport needed.

Airport Pick-up Service

1. Students who have been approved the application of Student Pass from the Malaysian Immigration prior or upon arrival at KLIA/LCCT will be fetched by the college officer.

2. This service is not available to students who are on Social Visit Passes and who enter Malaysia via port entry other than KLIA/LCCT

3. Students who enter Malaysia via KLIA/LCCT and need a pick-up must inform the following items to the International Relations Unit a week in advance prior arrival (fadzil@kuis.edu.my, fazhammas@gmail.com, sms (+60) 19 2566614 fax (+60) 3 89268462/89257677). Please avoid coming in on a non working day or very late night as the College cannot guarantee there will be a college personal available.

• Departue date
• Flight No
• Estimated time of arrival in KLIA/LCCT or

4. Upon your arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA/LCCT), students will be picked-up by the college officer who will assist the students to make the immigration clearance. To avoid confusion, students are advised to wait at the immigration area until the college officer is done with the clearance.
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